All Rounded Kids U-Shape Toothbrush

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The 360° U-Toothbrush is designed to make brushing teeth with our little ones a breeze.

Complete with soft bristles made of food grade silicone material and the distinct U-shaped feature, all teeth are cleaned thoroughly and gently. Healthy teeth should start from childhood!

360° Design
With our unique 360° design, the 360° U-Toothbrush ensures all round brushing on the surface of your teeth and the internal direction making teeth brushing a quick and comfortable experience. 

Easy to Use
With no batteries or charging required, your children can start using the 360° Toothbrush immediately! Make your time at the bathroom sink enjoyable for you and your loved ones. 

Kid Friendly
The 360° U-Toothbrush is designed with your little ones in mind. Complete with soft bristles to protect gums, reduce damage and have safer brushing!

Develops Skills
With the rotating motion of the 360° U-Toothbrush, this can increase their fine motor skills and encourage young children to develop a sense of independence as they learn to brush their teeth from as young as one year old. 

Improves Oral Hygiene
By making teeth-brushing fun with our uniquely-shaped 360° U-Toothbrush, this can improve oral hygiene at an early age and promote healthy habits for years to come!

  • Colors: Pink or Blue 
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone
  • Recommended Age: 2 -12 Years

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