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Concerned That a Regular Nail Clipper Will Hurt Your Kids? Try This Painless Kids' Nail Trimmer!

Nails of babies and children grow rapidly, thus they must be trimmed twice weekly. However, because their nails are so thin and soft, using a regular nail clipper might accidentally hurt them. Moreover, a regular nail clipper will sharpen their nails, causing them to injure themselves when scratching their heads or faces.

Let me introduce you to the MPG Kids Nail Trimmer, a parent's favorite. It is a nail trimmer and polisher that is particularly developed for newborn babies and kids. MPG Kids Nail Trimmer is a safe and sanitary gadget that parents may use to trim their newborns' or kids' nails without injuring them.



Moreover, it is small enough to carry about and has 3 different grinder heads, each designed for a different age group of babies. Not only does it solve the problem of most parents, but it also allows slightly older kids to cut their nails without anyone's help and guarantee that they would not injure themselves.


6 Product Features of MPG Kids Nail Trimmer:

  3 Different Grinder Heads

The red grinding head is for babies aged 0 to 6 months, the purple grinding head is for babies aged 6 to 12 months, and the green grinding head is for babies aged beyond 12 months.


  Safe & Silent

It allows you to trim your baby's nails without hurting them and would not disturb your baby while he or she is sleeping.


  Powered by AAA battery (Included)

To power up the nail trimmer, just put a AAA battery into the device's rear.


  Certified by RoHS, CE & FCC

MPG Kids Nail Trimmer has these 3 main certifications, indicating that it was made without dangerous chemicals and is safe to use.


  Portable Size With Free Casing

It is portable in size and can be brought along with you on your travels thanks to the included carrying box.


  Ease of Use

Simply press the power button to begin trimming the nails and again to turn it off.


Tips Of Using

1. Remove the back cover to change or replace the battery. Simply place the MPG Kids Nail Trimmer between your left and right palms, then rotate it in the opposite way to remove the back cover.

2. It is more effective to trim your nail from the edge of the grinding header.

3. It is recommended that the grinding header be moistened before beginning the trimming process.


Product Specifications:
Product Name: MPG Kids Nail Trimmer
Material: ABS + Electronic Components
Battery: 1 x AAA Battery (Included)
Product Color: Tiffanny Green
Product Size: 6.5cm (Length) x 2.5cm (Width) x 6.5cm (Height)
Grinding Header Size: 1.9cm (Length) x 2cm (Height)


Package Included:
1 X  Nail Trimmer
3 X Grinding Headers - Material: ABS + Electronic Components
1 X Packing Box

1 X User Manual

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